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"Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation. Where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body a miracle of wisdom."

~ Harriette Hartigan

Amongst the many details of intentional and informed home birth that I LOVE in these images… The chalkboard sign that reads “There’s no place like home.” The presence of the bigger siblings and the grandparents. The mama (Angel)’s hands open between contractions and curving slightly closed during them. The way Angel spoke so lovingly to […]

birth photography :: theodore brian

January 26, 2019

The following words are Teri’s, the photos by me. I’m going to let the two interweave in tandem and trust it’s more than enough to get the point across. This was a redemptive, sacred birth…. The poignant period of time waiting for Maia’s arrival, her natural hospital birth, and this simple, quiet postpartum period has […]

a walk with a sister :: teri

January 25, 2019

Before I launch right in to the amazing goodness that awaits us here, let me begin by saying that somehow this Grand Rapids birth photographer and videographer has NO births scheduled for October or November! I’m not sure how it happened, and truthfully, I’m willing to accept that my good father God knows that I […]

birth photography :: eloise johanna

August 22, 2018

Sometimes you barely make it in time for a birth. Sometimes — especially with second babies — you get a text saying she’s “only 4 cm”.. and another one a half hour later saying “come now. pushing.” Haha.  So I arrived at Jake and Nicky’s house to find baby very near to crowning. She was […]

birth photography :: nora nicole

July 24, 2018

Kim and I were friends before I began Sister Birth, having been introduced by a mutual friend and sharing some common interests. I was so excited when she got pregnant for her 4th and decided that this time she would have a home birth. And I was pleasantly surprised when she contacted me 30-some weeks […]

a walk with a sister :: kim (part 1)

July 13, 2018

This spring I took a leap, and signed up to take a birth films class with Monet Nicole. Though the cameras I shoot with have HD video capabilities, it always seemed like an intimidating feature. Even when I could figure out how to take short clips that looked OK-ish,  I had no idea what to […]

birth :: merrick

June 12, 2018

Hazel today, at age 7 June 1st was the 7th birthday of our firstborn. Here is her birth story. Its LONG because her birth was, too. 😉 Note: all the photos in this post are courtesy of Jennifer Holshoe, who was a birth photographer and student then, and is a wonderful midwife today. THE BIRTH […]

my birth stories :: hazel june

June 8, 2018

I am definitely NOT just being trite when I say it’s one of the better parts of my job to be invited to photograph or attend a second (or subsequent) birth for a family, and/or to photograph the times in between births. Because I LOVE watching families grow over the years. This is one of […]

birth :: phoenix kai

April 15, 2018

In keeping with my goal for this year, I’m sharing the birth stories of each of my kids on their birthdays. Walter just turned THREE. And the following is the story of that day. Final Days of Pregnancy i had so much wishful thinking that he would come early. I mistook wishful thinking for intuition, […]

my birth stories :: walter solomon

March 29, 2018

I initially thought I’d share my childrens’ birth stories in reverse birth order, beginning with my fourth/youngest, Maeve. But now it’s Gus’s birthday. He’s my second-born, which means I’m sharing out of birth order a bit here, but it seems good to share his story on his 5th birthday, so here we are!   Here’s Gus […]

my birth stories :: gus abaraham

March 10, 2018

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