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supported and witnessed.

Birthkeeping + Photography, etc.

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See your power & love

• Photographer on call from 37 weeks until birth
• 24/7 Phone and text support
• 150+ Beautifully finished images in an online gallery
• High-res downloads of entire gallery
• 8x8" Photobook
• $100 off a newborn session with Brooke Collier Photography

What's included?

When I go to photograph a birth, I carry not only my high-end gear (and back-up gear) and over 20 years of photography experience, but also my own history as a home-birthing mama of 5, my knowledge as a former apprentice midwife and doula, and a habit of praying under my breath. I aim to bring the best of myself as human and artist and to offer them to serve you during your labor and birth, holding space with respect and trust, while also creating a visual record of the place, the time, the people involved in your birth that is thorough and also beautiful. 


Birth Photography

be supported in your strength

• 2 1.5-hour prenatal visits
• 24/7 Phone or text support
• 6 months inside Embrace Birth Journey
• On-call from 37 weeks until birth
• Physical, emotional and practical support during labor and birth
• 2 1.5-hr postpartum visits
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What's included?

I'll walk with you. As a mother, a trained counselor, a birth keeper, unofficial spiritual director, and holistic health coach. You'll be supported in mind, body, spirit and emotions leading up to, during, and after your birth. I know that you don't NEED me in order to birth your baby, but I believe that the presence of feminine support witnessing and holding space for you matters immeasurably.

Doula $1600 || Birthkeeper $3000

Holistic Doula or Birthkeeper

Have it Aaaaalllll

• Everything in the birth photo package (+ photos taken at prenatal and postpartum visits)
• Everything in the Holistic Doula  or Birthkeeper package
• Embrace Birth Journey
• Brooke wearing doula or birthkeeper AND photographer hat during your birth
• Keepsake photo book of pregnancy, birth and postpartum photos

What's included?

I want to learn what makes your heart beat faster, what you most deeply want for your birth and your family when fear is stripped away and you're free to dream. I want to help you make that a reality. I am not here to show you how to have your baby. You already know how, deep in your body. But I will be with you while you do it, and I will be a witness to the strength and miracle that it is. And when the birthday is over and you're nesting with your new baby, I will come by to check in on you, to reaffirm that your mama instinct is alive and well, and to absorb the overflow of hormones and emotions you'll be swirling in. 

Through it all, I will look you in the eye as often as you need and remind you that you were made for this. That you are enough. That you have everything you need to grow, birth, and nurture the life you've been entrusted with. 

Through it all, I will often lift my camera to my eye to make images of you in each stage in this sacred childbearing year, so that you can see and feel it again across the years.

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Doula + Photo

be supported in your strength

• a series of 2 or more 60-minute meetings, IRL or virtually
• email recaps with applicable links/resource
• option to add 24/7 on-call support during your birthing time (virtual doula) 

What's included?

If you have things to process, plans to make, preparations to do, or just want a companion for the journey… I'm happy to offer holistic birth mentoring/counseling/consulting for mamas planning natural births at home, assisted or unassisted. I do this virtually via phone or video chat, or in-person if you’re in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

The goal is for you to work out your lingering fears, build up your confidence, expand your knowledge, receive encouragement, clarify your Why, and make sure you do not feel alone or directionless on your journey.

A good choice if you do not want a doula present at your birth, but want birthkeeper or doula-like support before and after birth.

customized packages starting at $250

Home Birth Mentor

Who you invite into your birth space matters. A lot.

And I have found that when you're a home birth mama or an unassisted birther, this is especially true. Knowing that your birth attendant has personal experience with this kind of unusual birth choice and therefore is totally comfortable and on board with it is really reassuring. 

You don't have to worry about me carrying fear or nervousness into your carefully guarded home birth environment.

I'M a home birth and Freebirth mama, too


I'm told that it's instantly easy to feel comfortable and at home with me, and that I carry peace in my wake.

Those are high compliments. And I try to live up to them. By being authentic, transparent, prayerful and warm, I know that the quality of my presence and relationship with you is just as valuable as the services I'm providing.

I'm the real deal!


I photographed a birth (other than my own) for the first time in 2012 and have been attending births wearing various hats ever since.

With 140+ births under my belt (most of them home births) and nearly 2 decades of photography experience, you have a seasoned, trustworthy professional here. 

I'm not learning or practicing my skill sets on you during the most important moments of your life.

i've been at this a while


Why Brooke?


“There are no neutral people in a birth space. Every person either adds to the calm, peace and hope of the experience or distracts from it. Having had 3 births myself with a dozen different people in the spaces I birthed in I can candidly say that Brooke’s presence at the birth of the third was a true blessing. Her steadiness and confidence in the normal dynamic process of labor brought me continued courage and stamina. I distinctly remember making eye contact with her during some of my most challenging labor moments only to be refreshed by the whisper of her eyes that told me to keep going. That I’ve got this. That my body knows what it’s doing and I’m doing better than I think I am. Her birth wisdom -both personally and professionally- transcended my birth state and helped me fight for the birth that I desired. ”


“When I was pregnant with my first child and planning a home birth, I wanted photographs of the experience, but I was too concerned that having someone there would hinder the process for me {I felt like I would hold back from what I needed to do}. I allowed this to keep me from having photo documentation of what was literally the greatest experience of my life. I always look back on this with immense regret and wish that I had met Brooke just a few months earlier.

She has such a calm and supportive presence about her that makes you feel like no matter what is happening, it’s going to be okay. She really embodies the ‘it takes a village’ mindset. It was a no brainer for us that we would invite Brooke into our home for the birth of our second child. We didn’t have a doula present, but Brooke provided that encouragement and support to me while still having a keen sense of knowing when all you need is silence.

I wish that I could go back and have her at my first birth, I will never regret having her at my second birth."


“I had the distinct privilege of having Brooke at the birth of three of my four babies. The thing that stands out most is her innate sense of what to say and how to act in the birth space with you to encourage, empower, support and share in your joy. She is calm, but sure and confident in you and the birth process. Her belief in me was invaluable. She has a quiet sense of what to ask and what you need to know or hear at certain points during labor and delivery.

At my most recent birth she kept reminding me that it was good to move into the pain - it was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment and gave me the perspective I needed to finish labor well. Brooke sees you, the birth, and your baby as a whole and provides care that is reflective of this.

Brooke also perfectly captured these births with her photography. I have loved getting to look back and see the birth process and emotions present that I did not get to see while in labor. At no point did I realize she was even taking the photos.”


“Thank you so much for the role you played for us in our birth. From the first prenatal appointment you were at, I felt a full aura of calmness meet me in our birth journey due to your words of encouragement. Your work at our birth just took my level of gratitude for you to another level. Thank you..for blessing our birth journey.”


“I had the pleasure of having Brooke photograph the birth of my second child. I wasn’t sure how it would feel to have a relative stranger in the room during a time where I felt most vulnerable, but Brooke was amazing and made me feel like I just had another supportive friend in the room. When I received the edited photos I was more than thrilled with the results! Brooke knew how and when to capture every beautiful/tender moment of my labor and delivery, and for that I am forever thankful.”


“Brooke was present to photograph the birth of my daughter. Working with her was so easy. She’s so kind, sweet, and genuine. I always felt comfortable in her presence, and I am so glad she was part of our (very small) birth team. As for her photos, they are simply irreplaceable. In the whirlwind of a long labor, I feel like she helped me remember and re-live some of those blurry memories I was too exhausted to be inthralled in at the time. My gallery made me cry like a baby, and I can’t recommend her work enough. I am so thankful we got to work with you, Brooke! From the bottom of my little family’s hearts, thank you.”


“Walking into the unknowns of home birth, Brooke was there every step of the way with wisdom, guidance, and encouragement for me and my husband. She truly listened to what my desires and needs were, and made me feel confident in myself and what my body was capable of. She exudes a calming presence, which brought me peace through our journey together.”

Kind Words from Client-Friends

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