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 from a Natural,

Immerse Yourself In All Things Pregnancy, Home Birth, and Postpartum

Because in case no one told you, home birth is about more than just having a baby at home.


Are you ready?

Are you ready to be part of a circle of like-minded women who want the same things you do, and who are determined to give birth naturally, at home, with God?

I’m here to walk with you, like a really smart older sister of 5 home-born babies, as you milk this experience for all it’s worth.

It’s time to dig DEEP into this thing we call “having a baby” and discover just how much of a GIFT it is and

how far-reaching its transformative power can be when you yield to it. 

Having my babies at home has absolutely changed my life for the better and I can’t wait to show you how that can be true for you, too. 

Dreamed of a homebirth?

"You’re so brave. I could never..."
"Do you want your baby to die!?"
"There aren’t any awards for not getting an epidural."
"Oh honey, you just wait and see!"

There might be women in your life telling you that you can’t.

But either way, you might be a tiny bit overwhelmed about all that lies between setting your intention for a home birth ...and actually getting there

or maybe you’re a little shocked that you find yourself here, planning a birth outside of a hospital.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having your baby at home,

You’re trying So hard not to let them get under your skin because deep down you know it’s NOT TRUE.

Where is the trustworthy knowledge that isn’t fear-based? 

Where are the women who acknowledge the spiritual elements of birth who aren’t pagans or witches, but who follow Jesus like you do?

But you're feeling

lonely, a little unsupported, and combing through IG posts and FB groups to get all the information you need to navigate this road is not really working out for you. It’s kind of inspiring content….but fragmented.

but you want to go deep. You don’t go through something this significant flippantly. You are all in.


You don’t just want more info,

of carrying, birthing, and nourishing your baby is important. It sets foundations for you future as a mother and for your family’s wellbeing. And so it’s important to you that you give it the attention and intention that it deserves. 

You know that this season 


that transforms you as a woman, equips you as a mother, and deepens your faith.

You want to create a birth story


who had had a few homebirths before whom you could reach out to with your questions and worries along the way.

You would LOVE to know a super cool mama


(click the numbers below & see if this resonates)


And obviously you want that moment of victorious joy when you’re holding your just-born naked baby to your chest, hair a-mess and face beaming, whispering “I just DID THAT!” while your husband and midwives grin at your proudly.

I see you...

you need to confidently move from positive pregnancy test through your baby’s 3-month birthday?

Getting the exact, clarified information

about pregnancy, birth and postpartum that amply replaces any other birth class?

absorbing hours of beautifully crafted course content

Can you imagine...

experienced birth worker, and trained counselor teaching you about all the little and big things that come up for you during your pregnancy?

Having a seasoned homebirth mama (6x over),

-Future You

“When I first came across Embrace Birth Journey all I knew was that I didn’t want to have my baby at the hospital. I knew I wanted a home birth but I knew I had so much to learn to be prepared to do that confidently.

Working with Brooke created a catalyst for me to dig deep and uncover all the mind, body and spirit “nesting” and preparation I needed to do in order to birth my baby at home and in connection with God. The resources she provided (they work! Use them!) meant that my journey through pregnancy, home birth and postpartum were richer, healthier, and more meaningful than I could have ever dreamed!

I relished every step of the journey and feel 100% GOOD about how my birth process went, even with the unpredictable elements it included. I’m so proud of myself. Thank you, Brooke, for believing in me and spurring me on to do what it took to get the amazing GIFTS God had for me out of having a baby naturally! I know that thanks to your help I’ve given my little family the best foundational beginnings, and that feels amazing.”

this is what I intend for you to be able to say by the time we're through...

While other pregnant friends are simply following their OB’s orders, grinning and bearing it, trying to just get through birth in one piece...

you’ll be extracting incredible enjoyment from it and making confident, autonomous decisions for a life-changing birth.

What’s inside

Embrace Birth Journey?

(the most comprehensive, online natural, homebirth childbirth course out there)


Home Birth Primer
FreeBirth With God
Labor Pain Remedy
Trust God, Trust Birth Workshop

You’ll be able to work through this core content at your own pace (because you'll have lifetime access)

Inside these treasure troves, you’ll have virtually all the information and insight you need for a healthy pregnancy, a powerful natural birth, and a restorative postpartum in Brooke’s signature holistic, faith-infused flavor.

These courses will systematically move you through all the mindset shifts, physical preparation and heart-shaping needed to grow and birth your baby wild and free.

A Library of Courses

Want to know more about the core course content?

Karissa L.

“There are limited times in life when you collide with someone who completely changes the trajectory of your path, & for me, one of those relationships has been with Brooke. I was drawn to her during my first pregnancy, intuitively knowing the medical model was not for me when it came to birthing my baby. Brooke exuded a level of wisdom, awareness, & inner knowing I had never encountered before, & I was immediately drawn to her energy. Six years later, on the cusp of emergence with my fourth babe in full autonomy (unassisted birth), at every point I have sought validation or knowing outside of myself Brooke has gently nudged me to look within. That nudging prompted a journey of inner exploration that has transformed me as a woman, a mother, a wife & continues to add depth to my life every day. Brooke is a true gift to any woman willing to step into & own her own power, offering an abundance of love, grace, understanding, & a deep commitment to the unlearning that must occur to fully do so.”


“Working with Brooke through my pregnancy, birth and postpartum was something that I will never regret prioritizing.

The support she offered to me ( as well as my spouse and kids) was just what I needed to feel safe, confident, and heard. Like a friend that completely understands your hard feelings and helps you make sense of them, Brooke helped me through my fears and supported my birthing goals without judgment and instead with love and kindness, helping me achieve all of the things I set out to make happen from the beginning.

She is a gift to my family, and exactly what we needed for the freebirth of our baby. I’m forever grateful for the experience she provided. “

Katie D.

“Walking into the unknowns of home birth, Brooke was there every step of the way with wisdom, guidance, and encouragement for me and my husband. She truly listened to what my desires and needs were, and made me feel confident in myself and what my body was capable of. She exudes a calming presence, which brought me peace through our journey together.”

Embrace Birth Journey

Embrace Birth Journey arms you with all the information + all the support you need to have a confident, joyful home birth that transforms you over the course of just four months.

The moment you join, you get instant access to the course bundle.







Tons of workbooks, worksheets and printable guides.



sounds great...

So How Much Does it Cost?

When you enroll today, you’ll get an almost-instant link to the bundle of courses. You’ll download your “syllabus” and workbooks and weekly check-in forms, print them off and set to work on one of the most significant journeys you’ll ever take.

only $397

You can get started TODAY ...

Optional add-on of monthly zoom calls with brooke & students

Note: As of January 2023, Samaritan Ministries members can submit their itemized bill for Embrace as part of their sharable maternity need 


"The Embrace birth course is amazing, it prepared my husband and I, completely and powerfully. Each phase is meticulously well-designed, and I referred to them throughout my whole pregnancy, gaining a new sense of how birth is meant to be. We had a birth at home and I never thought I could do it after the trauma from my previous birth. But the course helped me process all my fears and hear from God, and I had the birth of my dreams! I highly recommend this course, because through it, God changed my life".

and also took up birth photography when my firstborn was 9 months old. I’ve immersed myself in birth culture and got myself into the birth spaces of as many other women as often as I could over these last 9 years, even going so far as to do a 9-month stint apprenticing with a home birth midwife, and becoming a birth doula.

I developed a probably above-average degree of interest in birth and midwifery,

holistic doula, birth photographer & course creator

I remember what it was like to find out I was pregnant for the first time — how excited and yet also how relatively clueless I was about what lay ahead. I remember how surprised I was by the nature of labor, even though I thought I had wrapped my head around it enough to be prepared. I remember how fuzzy and weepy and raw I felt those first weeks after my eldest’s birth.

I found my way through it all somehow, piecing it together with self-led research, some conversations with girlfriends who had kids already, a good midwife, prayer, and a little luck. With each birth, I learned more and got better at embracing and surrendering to the mystery of it all.

Birth is not so distant an experience that I can’t viscerally remember what it’s like. 

Hi, I'm Brooke

What a gift it has been that most of the births I have witnessed were “natural births” (a term that’s imperfect, but we’ll talk about that later), and that imprinted me in significant ways, even overriding the ways that culture and media had tried to throw chaotic, fear-based, ugly and unpleasant portrayals at me (as it does to all of us). Witnessing and experiencing birth occur in a normal, mostly undisturbed way has left a mark on me. I know what birth CAN be like, and I want every woman to have the option to experience it in that untainted way.

I’m also a graduate of an integrative nutrition program and former assistant to a naturopathic chiropractor, which means that the importance of nutrition and natural health remedies became an integral part of my childbearing plan.

Through it all, and perhaps most importantly, I’m a mama! A mama who wants to do her very best for her babies. From the moment I become aware there is life growing in my womb I shift into fierce mama bear mode, doing whatever I know to do that will create a gentle, healthy environment for my growing baby. I always wanted to welcome them warmly, in circumstances that protected and supported their incredible bodies and spirits, through births that honored the Creator’s phenomenal design.

Not only that, but — as a follower of Jesus, a counselor, and a naturally self-reflective person — I became curious to know what was going on in the emotional, spiritual and relational realms of the process of having babies. Truly, our whole selves are involved and impacted. Each pregnancy and birth has changed me and invited me to grow. I’ve encountered God in special ways in these places. And I know you can, too. That’s why I made Embrace Birth Journey

unofficial student of midwifery

birth photographer

birthkeeper & doula

I'm a mom

pastor’s wife

unschooling mama

holistic health coach


consumer of coffee and chocolate

I get you.

Reese A.

"This course has made me realize even more how much I love birth. It allowed me to achieve my goals of delivering at home with Christ as the center. This course helped make me successful and empowered me in more areas than one."  

You'll start off my digging deep into your beliefs and assumptions about birth, developing a rock solid mindset rooted in God's truth, and getting on the same page with your husband.  You'll learn practical tips for finding/hiring your birth team. You'll learn and implement LOADS about how to care for yourself and your baby during your pregnancy.

how it might go...

Learn the legalities and practicalities of home birth (from how to manage pets to getting birth certificates), take a deep dive into birth by God's brilliant design (hormonal-physiological), break the birth process down into parts and learn how to move through each phase. You'll also detect and release fears s that nothing stands in your way. 

You'll learn all about golden hour, how to protect/maximize it and why that matters. And you'll put finishing touches on your "birth plan." Find out what happens if your home birth becomes risky and requires medical help. You'll revisit and address fresh fears that surface get into the headspace for autonomous birth.

During this phase you'll explore the concept of a fourth trimester and do some intentional planning to make that a restorative, set-apart time. You'll get tips for infant care and care of your own re-adjusting body. You'll spend some time reflecting on your journey and how much has changed for you along the way. 

what to expect

Who is
this for?

Which sounds like you?

what if i don't end up having a home birth?

No one can guarantee that. Birth is inherently unpredictable and risk will always be a piece of it. But even a change in birth location doesn't mean the work you have done in Embrace Birth Journey is meaningless or wasted. The ultimate goal of birth is that we GROW as women and walk with God through our journey (while keeping our babies and ourselves as safe as possible). And you will accomplish that goal through this program even if your path ends up including an unforeseen transfer to hospital. 

can i share this program with my friend?

You can refer her to the program and I would love to have her! The program is exclusively for use by the one who has invested in it, and your login information is not designed to be shared. 

Money is an issue.
Can i get a discount?

I know that there are many simultaneous expenses surrounding birth. For that reason Embrace Birth Journey is priced as low as I could possibly make it so as to cover expenses of running a business, contribute to my household income, and reflect the value of my experience, expertise and time.

will this help my husband? 

For sure! Inside the core course content are sections specifically for dads, written/spoken by MY husband. There is also a labor support cheat sheet and a pain management plan worksheet for him to utilize. And best of all, inside the program he will have chance to get on a private zoom call with my husband and the other husbands for honest conversation about their role/experience in your home birth journey. 

when in my pregnancy is the best time to start this course?

Ideally, somewhere in middle of second trimester.  This allows you plenty of time to work through all the course content -- including the postpartum preparation stuff! -- before you give birth.

That said, I've certainly had moms join much earlier and as late as early third trimester. Do what feels right for you!

Questions you may have,
and my answers...

I'm ready for this

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