A place for faith-filled women giving birth at home to learn, prepare, and be transformed in prayerful sisterhood. 


Embrace Birth Journey

Does this sound familiar?

You're constantly struggling to find birth preparation resources that aligns with both your faith and your philosophy of birth. Nothing quite "fits." 

You are equal parts excited and nervous to give birth outside the hospital. And you're not quite sure how you'll get to the point where you feel totally ready. 

You suspect that pregnancy and birth are about more than "healthy baby, healthy mama" but you're not sure how to really utilize this opportunity fully.

You're sick of people telling you you're "brave" or saying, "I could never...." when you tell them about your home birth plans.

You've had a traumatic or disappointing birth in the past. Now you're nearly desperate for a redeeming, healing one this time around.

I hear you! 


You can be in sisterhood with women who follow Jesus and see birth the way that you do!

You need to learn normal, physiological birth inside and out so that you can surrender to it and trust God in it.

You need to have a game plan for engaging your mind, body, spirit and heart in your birth journey.

You're ready to take full ownership of your birth, with all the weight and responsibility that comes with it.

You're just missing a few pieces of the puzzle and I'm here to give them to you!

EBJ Membership shepherds you through a transformational process of education and mentoring through pregnancy, birth and postpartum that deepens your faith, increases your confidence, and equips you for motherhood.

i present you the solution

embrace birth journey



if you're a visual/audio person....

beyond getting that dreamy home birth, expect to walk forward as a new woman, confident & spiirt-led. 

Be Transformed

Not just for the physical parts of birth, but the mental, emotional and spiritual parts, too. 

Get fully prepared

Walk a while with like-minded mamas who support and pray for one another

Experience Sisterhood

Inside Embrace Birth Journey you will...

And not just for birth, but for pregnancy and postpartum, too.

love notes

I am forever grateful how EBJ played such a beautiful role in building my confidence, helping me work through mental blocks that could have held me back in labor, and just how it truly is a huge reason why my home birth was amazing. 

I could not recommend this experience enough, sweet mama. You are worth investing in.


I knew I wanted birth education this time around that was different and what you offer is exactly what God was leading me to.  I not only needed the refresher course, but that I needed women in my corner. I needed community. 

By diving into this education, I am taking extreme ownership and allowing God to lead me in ways I've never allowed him to before. It has led me to books to read, refreshers in many topics but also a lot of thought provoking topics that I now have been led to research and pray over. 


I knew I didn’t want to go about approaching birth the traditional way, but I also knew no one who had done anything differently. I felt so inadequate in my knowledge of what my body was going through in pregnancy, and what to expect in birth, and just emotionally all over the place and feeling very isolated.

The community that EBJ has brought has helped me feel so much more mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for birth than I ever would have been alone.


My most cherished portion of EBJ has been the community of like-minded sisters and Brooke's sweet, gentle voice always uplifting, always encouraging! I was truly drawn to her soul, and she was the main reason I wished to continue with the membership. 
Brooke puts her whole heart into her work and counsel and you cannot put a price on the guidance from a wise older sister! 
EBJ is an investment in yourself that will grow you closer to God and what he desires through fellowship with other sisters in Christ. So thankful the Lord led me here.


what's included

the course library

Everything you need to know to have a natural, out-of-hospital birth presented in beautiful, comprehensive, multi-media courses. At your fingertips.

Embrace Holistic Birth (4 Phases)
Free Birth With God
Home Birth Primer
Labor Pain Remedy
Trust God, Trust Birth

unboxing time

VALUE AT $1299

component #1

component #2

Telegram group community

A private, members only space for growing friendships, finding your due date buddies, sharing birth stories, posting resources, and asking questions. NO FACEBOOK.


Monthly sister CircleS on Zoom

Come sit around a virtual bonfire with Brooke and your journey sisters. This is a time to ask any questions, air out any feelings, ask for prayer, etc. Brooke will put on her counselor hat to facilitate a safe space to be heard and seen.

component #3

VALUE AT $199/mo.

2nd Tuesdays | 2:45pm

Gift Card to Sisterbirth Shop

20% off 1:1 Sessions

The Bonuses

And let's not forget


VALUE AT $37.5/use

bonus bundle


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embrace birth journey

let's recap

Instant Access to the Course Library (Value: $1299)
Facebook Group Community (Value: $199)
2 Monthly Sister Circle calls on Zoom (Value: $199)
Bonus: 20% off 1:1 Coaching (Value: $37/use)
Bonus: Bundle of Surprise Goodies  (Value: $149)
Bonus: Gift Card to Sister Birth Shop (Value: $35)

Total Value: $1,980


6 Months


never pay again



3 months



2-Trimester membership

LifeTime Access!




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no matter how many babies you have

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Money Back Guarantee

I get it. Enrolling in an online program/membership feels a little like a leap of faith. To help cushion your free-fall, you'll have 5 days to poke around inside EBJ Membership. If you aren't jiving with what you see, send us an email and we'll cancel your subscription and  refund your money, no questions asked.


But don't be "that person," ok? You know, the one who jumps in and downloads everything she can get as fast as possible and then asks for her money back even when she's perfectly happy with the content?. Please remember: this is how I feed my kids.
This guarantee is offered on good faith.


I love my midwife, but she and EBJ have played two very different roles in my pregnancy journey. My midwife prepares me physically for the time of birth and I expect her to be there to assist me physically when that time comes.

Brooke and this community I have been honored to participate in gives me more than that. In addition to the invaluable information provided in an easy format to study, I have gained a sisterhood that supports me on a spiritual sense... It has been a vital part of my journey to be around other women who are making similar decisions to mine.


While I have an amazing, godly midwife who is well trained, and while I have access to many great books and videos that have helped me further my education and prepare me physically and beyond, EBJ has really empowered me to be able to become more in tune with what is going on in my body, mind, heart, and spirit. It has not only helped me as I continue to round out my education of the physical, but also helped nurture those other parts of me that are so involved in and important to the process of pregnancy, labor, birth, and motherhood. And the best part of it all? It does this by bringing my focus to Christ and showing me just how intimately involved He is in all of it, and how earnestly He desires to be invited into every moment, to partner with me in this miracle.

I'm a 40-something mama 6x over (all home births), and wife to a good man in ministry. We abide in a quirky house on five acres of woods on the edge of a west Michigan city with a lot of hens and 3 cats, too.

I've been attending births since 2012, first as a birth photographer, then as a midwife apprentice, a doula, and a birth keeper. I've been teaching women about physiological childbirth since 2019, using a Christ-centric, physiological, holistic model.

In addition to my birth work experience, I'm a master's level counselor, holistic health coach, disciple-maker, unschooling mama, pretty decent free-style cook, bibliophile, nature nerd, and pro-level documentary family photographer.

I can't wait to get to know you, and to journey together.

Hi, I'm Brooke

meet your guide

1. Foundations --> Shed the lies, learn the history, choose your team, establish your "why"
2. Pregnancy --> master DIY prenatal care, deal with fears plan your eating & movement, "nest" holistically, naturally address common discomforts
3. Birth through Golden Hour -->  understand physiological-hormonal birth, see it in action, learn your basic needs in labor, all about placenta birth, honor bonding, initiate breastfeeding.
4. Postpartum/4th Trimester --> create a holistic plan for nourishment of mind and body and spirit, tips for "crunchy" newborn care, understand your changing body

Embrace Holistic Birth

in 4 phases

Home Birth Primer covers all the nitty gritty details associated with having a birth at home, like setting up your space, what to do with older children, finding a midwife, legalities by state, etc.

Free Birth With God includes a brief manual for how to have an unassted birth, trainings on dealing with each of the Big 3 "emergencies," things to look for, how to get a birth certificate, etc.

Home Birth Primer &
Free birth With God

Take a deep dive into the issue of pain - how to minimize it and then cope with what remains - using tools for mind, body, spirit and heart for a truly holistic approach that includes NO hypnosis.

Labor Pain Remedy

Using a road trip metaphor and graphic, get a high-level and inspirational vision of the journey to holywild birth: 

1. Getting packed for the journey and who travels with you
2. A new take on prenatal care
3. The mountain of surrendered birth
4. The wise woman way or preparaion
5. The cottage of restorative rest.

trust God, Trust Birth

A Path to joyful, confident Birth at Home

Course 5

Course 4

CoursES 2 & 3

for a detailed look at all module contents, go here.

What's in the Course Library?

Course 1

what if i've already had a home birth?

In my experience, there's ALWAYS more to learn, and new "stuff" to wade through during each pregnancy. I know that EBJ is a helpful companion for FTMs and repeat moms alike. 

I'm a birth nerd or birth worker. Is this for me?

I love meeting like-minded birth-workers. If you're interested in EBJ so that you can study/observe as part of your professional and personal development, I have a couple of modified offerings just for you!  Go here to learn more.

What if the memership doesn't fit me?

Refunds will not be granted after the initial 4-day guarantee window has passed. You can choose to cancel before your next automated re-bill if you're not satisfied with what's inside.

Still have questions?

Reach out to brooke@sisterbirth.com to get your question answered!

common questions

what if I'm not sure i want a home birth?

The preparation and learning you'll do inside this membership, along with the support you receive, will empower you to have an autonomous, powerful birth experience no matter where you end up because you'll birth inside a different paradigm altogether. 

it's time to start your