Labor Pain Remedy will show you how to minimize pain and eliminate its power to cast a dark shadow over the day you meet your baby...

What if you could stop worrying about how much it’s going to hurt?

Find out how to minimize most labor pain and fearlessly cope with the rest.

Labor Pain Remedy

Tell me if this sounds like you...

so you can start getting EXCITED for contractions to start.

One of your first thoughts after staring at your positive pregnancy test was about how you’d handle the pain of labor and delivery.

You are so excited to meet your baby but you can’t help it; you’re also REALLY nervous about getting them out.

You wish you could stop feeling dread about how much a natural birth will hurt and focus instead on making it an amazing experience.

You’d love it if there was a way to bypass the pain, but you also have some reservations about having an epidural.

You have a pretty low pain tolerance (your period knocks you DOWN) but you also want a home birth.

what if pain isn't the point?

 Labor Pain Remedy is here to help you make the pain inconsequential.

I don’t want your birth story to be a story about how much it hurt. Yours doesn’t need to be one of the horror stories that included you begging for an epidural. It can be one of the powerful, happy ones. 

…or at least to make it so small that it isn’t a key feature of your experience of giving birth?

What if there IS a way to skip the pain…

What if...

Escape the dread over the pain and get confident in your ability to 

This is precisely why I created Labor Pain Remedy

transcend it

Let's do this

Share how I personally have experienced three virtually pain-free births.

Reveal the Pain Sequence and how you can end it.

Give you The 4Rs for winning the head game of pain while you’re still pregnant.

Arm you with a litany of super practical techniques for coping with pain during labor.

Explore Christian theology about pain in childbearing.

Put pain into perspective so it ain’t no thang.

Facilitate you making a Comfort Plan with your partner so
that he knows just how to help you out.

And more!

In Labor Pain Remedy, I...

Can you imagine...

✔️Being so sure that you can handle the pain that you hardly even think about the pain bit anymore.

✔️Smiling confidently when your friend’s neighbor says “Oh just wait! You’ll be begging for an epidural!”

✔️Having a strategy in place with your partner for exactly what you’ll do to cope when things feel hard during labor.

✔️Finding within yourself strength and ferocity you never knew were possible.

✔️Actually enjoying your birth experience (NOT writhing in pain while screaming at everyone around you).

✔️Knowing you’ve just experienced your greatest accomplishment after giving birth.

✔️Or maybe even feeling ready to choose home birth because you aren’t scared anymore about how much it would hurt.

I’m sharing Labor Pain Remedy with you because I want all of that for you SO badly.

This birth thing is your moment to SHINE and to feel AMAZING about yourself and your body. 

Get started today

You’ve been hung up on the fear of the pain long enough. It’s time to kick it to the curb.

maybe my most important qualification is that i'm a mama

I’m also a pastor’s wife, holistic health coach, and possessor of a master’s degree in counseling (yes, you could say I’m multi-passionate).

I’ve attended over 140 births in hospitals and at home, with and without medical pain relief, with OBs and midwives, and even some with no medical provider present at all. I’ve seen almost every kind of birth you can imagine. And one thing I know for sure is that women are MADE for this. We can do the hard things and we can even LIKE it.

I’m also a mama to five kids who were ALL born at home. Which means the pain management drugs were not even an option. Which means I know a thing or two about labor pain from personal experience, in my own body.

I’m a holistic doula, birth photographer, obsessive “birth nerd” and childbirth educator.

Hi, I'm Brooke

But my last 3 births I honestly would not characterize as painful. [Insert mind-blown emoji here.]

It’s not that I expected birth not to hurt, because I honestly didn’t. But because I diligently worked on so many other things that have an impact on pain, the pain just sort of… wasn’t there

Now I’m here to share those Other Things with YOU.

Enough Said. Sold.

Labor Pain Remedy approaches the solution of labor pain from multiple angles, involving your spirit, emotions, mind, and body. By using strategies of each of these 4 types, you’ll build a diverse toolkit to see you through.


A Multi-Faceted Strategy


Discover what the Christian worldview can tell us about pain in birth, and also in life. Consider it “Deep Thoughts With Brooke” that will help increase your faith.

Distinctively Christian Perspective


If you know one of birth pain’s biggest taproots then you can expose it and dig it up, thereby causing pain to wither! You’ll find out what that taproot is in Labor Pain Remedy.

Secret Fuel of Pain Revealed


Maybe 70% of the struggle with pain in birth is centered in your thinking. I’ll show you the 4 Rs (and a bonus R) so that you can win the battle in your head and cope beautifully during labor, too.

The 4 Rs That Help You Win The Head Game


Maybe 70% of the struggle with pain in birth is centered in your thinking. I’ll show you the 4 Rs (and a bonus R) so that you can win the battle in your head and cope beautifully during labor, too.

Doula Playbook on Therapeutic Touch


(click the numbers below for the details)

You’ll get a printable, categorized list that you can reference during labor to remind you of the strategies you’ve learned when you need them most. No need to store it all in your head. I’ve got you covered.

A Quick-Start Reference Guide


Here's what's inside

I’m sharing Labor Pain Remedy with you because I want all of that for you SO badly.

You don’t know what a contraction feels like yet, and that mysteriousness adds to the nervousness. Labor Pain Remedy will prepare you to calmly cope with this strange new feeling like an old pro.

First Time Mom

In your last birth you didn’t feel the contraction pain (or you opted out of it partway through) but you’ve learned more about natural birth since then and want to try it this time. Labor Pain Remedy will make sure you can confidently do just that.

C-Section or Epidural Mom

labor pain remedy is for you...

Your last birth was, honestly, horrible and NOT happy and you’re terrified to do it again. Labor Pain Remedy will help develop a proactive strategy for ensuring that you won’t feel so out of control again in your next birth.

Bad Birth Survivor

Someone you love is having a baby and you’re going to be there to support her. Labor Pain Remedy will help you know how to help her and make you into a truly awesome support person.

Birth Partner

Labor Pain Remedy

Labor pain remedy is a truly holistic toolkit developed to help you approach pain from many angles, ensuring that it doesn't get the upper hand.

The moment you join, you get instant access to the course bundle, plus the VIP pass to our weekly Open House calls and private community.

sounds great...

So How Much
Does it Cost?

That's An Easy Yes


click here to buy now!


You don’t have to have made that decision yet. Labor Pain Remedy will help you decide which way you want to go regarding pain relief. By removing the dread and fear of pain, you’ll be FREE to make a decision that isn’t driven by fear of pain but by your deepest desires. If you end up deciding to get an epidural, these techniques will serve you well until it can be administered.

What if I’m not committed to a natural birth and might end up getting an epidural? 

I’m not sure there’s any such thing as a pain-free birth. Sounds too good to be true.

I won’t ever make a promise that there won’t be pain, but I will make a promise that with a little intentional preparation you can navigate and handle that pain beautifully. And if you end up having a pain-free birth - which IS a definite possibility - then maybe you’ll believe it’s real. ;)

Does this involve hypnosis?

Though there ARE programs out there that emphasize hypnosis as the primary method of eliminating pain in birth, this is not one of those programs. It’s never appealed to me so those are not the techniques I have used or teach. Hypnosis is certainly not the only way to address the issue of pain.

Do any of the suggested techniques involve spending more money?

I will provide lists of some recommended items that you might choose to purchase as part of your toolkit of coping strategies, but none of them are required. The most expensive item on that list is about $20.

Will this work for me even if I have a low pain threshold?

I am of the opinion - based on what I’ve witnessed firsthand and heard in other womens’ stories -- that how one responds to pain, in general, has almost no predictive power about how one responds to pain in labor. It’s a totally different ballgame, and you’ll find out why in Labor Pain Remedy.

Can I get my money back if I don’t find this product useful?

Labor Pain Remedy is a digital product and is priced well below its real value of $97. Highly discounted products and digital products are not eligible for returns. BUT I’m confident that you WILL find it useful.

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