Believing Birth Keepers Circle

Sisters, we work in a field that is increasingly flavored by polarized perspectives of either new age, pagan and witchcraft philosophies OR high medicalized, invasive OB/midwifery care.

Yet here we are:
  • Worshiping Jesus alone
  • Knowing that birth works best undisturbed
  • Integrating natural health into our practices

And just like the women we serve, we too are lonely for likeminded companions for our journeys as believing birth keepers (whatever hats we wear - doula, midwife, birth photographer, childbirth educator).

We want:
  • To build our practices/businesses with integrity, in ways that are obedient to and honoring of God.
  • To serve women with humility, defending their autonomy and demonstrating trust in them
  • To have a place to turn when we feel stuck, discouraged or unsure, where we can receive godly counsel and sisterly support

a place to grow together

The Believing Birthkeepers Circle is a group of equals, created for birth workers who orient their lives and work around their pursuit of Jesus and who have devoted themselves to protecting undisturbed physiological birth and the autonomy of the women they serve.

The Space

1st Tuesdays at 8-10 pm EST
& 3rd Tuesdays at 3-5 pm EST.

--1 call is themed/topical
--1 call is open sharing/prayer/processing.

Facilitated by Brooke or a fellow member.

monthly zoom calls

Process and seek input on our work with clients

Share professional development and business-building resources and insights (this is NOT a substitute for business coaching or doula training)

Pray for one another

Support one another in our own pregnancy and motherhood journeys (we are so often doing this for others but lack someone to do it for ourselves!)

Encourage one another to stay the course when it feels hard

Listen to God for/with one another for our businesses/practices

sift through and discern content of secular/pagan training programs we  utilize through the lens of gospel

What we do...

private community

Members-only Facebook group.

Private Telegram group.

you can write this off on your taxes!

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