a 5-part workshop

Trust God, Trust Birth

The Path to Confident, Joyful Birth AT HOME.

to impart high-level vision and spirit-filled encouragement for your home birth journey


Journey on, brave sister

What if there really is MORE to birth than simply popping out a healthy baby while numb from the waist down? What if it’s actually the richest, most transformative time of your life? (You’ve suspected this might be the case, haven’t you?)

What would it be like to OWN your birth process, unapologetically and joyfully. 

Could you be free from the overwhelmed information overload and the scary stories from your great aunt?

Two pink lines… a growing belly…. This is really happening. You’re going to have a baby.
And you want to have that baby at home. Even though a few people in your life will throw shade at you for that.

Imagine what it would be like to go on this journey toward your home birth with clear direction, sure of yourself and fully trusting of the God who designed your body and the birth process.

Imagine no miserable “suffering through”, no fear or dread, no self-doubt or anxious googling.Is it possible for you?

By the end of this workshop, you will be utterly affirmed and confirmed in your leaning toward planning a home birth. Your choice will be thoroughly backed up by practical reasons as well as spiritual ones, and you’ll be looking forward to it on a whole new level.


Solidify your resolve and confidence regarding your home birth plans. 

This workshop will give you absolute clarity and readiness to take action on the unique-to-home-birth elements of a successful birth plan. You’ll have a bird’s eye view of the map to get there and invitations to specific next steps to ensure that you’re headed toward a healthy, life-giving home birth experience.

Know exactly what goes into a successful home birth from beginning to end.


You’ll realize your ability to care for yourself and your baby during pregnancy, birth and LIFE. You’ll know how to be your own primary care provider, and how to birth autonomously and physiologically. Reclaim your authority and potential and take it with you into your birth story.

Gain A confident, powerful understanding of and ownership of your body.


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Game Changing Results...

What’s inside

Trust God, Trust Birth?

This is a workshop that calls you to take action. Each session comes with a printable worksheet and homework so that you don’t just think more about birth but you move the needle forward in tangible ways.

Worksheets & Homework

5 engaging main sessions that walk you through each of the stops on the roadmap to faith-filled, confident home birth. Plus 2 bonus sessions.

7+ hours of teaching

You'll have access to this inspirational workshop so you can revisit it in future pregnancies as well, or as many times as you need within this pregnancy.

Lifetime Access

You'll get...


You’ll be invited to work with me in on ongoing way, an opportunity that could very well change your life, not only the trajectory of your birth.

But make note: whether or not you accept this invitation, this workshop stands alone in excellence and value, as the testimonials attest to!

Trust God, Trust Birth

this self-paced workshop invites you to catch god's vision for your birth and confidently own it for yourself.

The moment you join, you get instant access to the teaching sessions and worksheets.

How to get your head clear of fear and past bad birth experiences so that you can receive God's beautiful truth about birth.

What birth's original design is and how to protect space to let it work without disruption.

Why home birth is more than a mere change in location and how to own it so that you can also reap all the many benefits 

The two major things most birth plans are utterly lacking and how you can build those two things into YOUR birth plan.

How I harnessed Christian, female community for mutual support around birth, and how you can too.

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holistic doula & childbirth educator

I'm a birth worker of 9 years, home birth mama 5x over, counselor and holistic health coach. As a naturally-minded Christian, I am passionate about elevating women's vision of birth as a means of grace, and the process of growing, birthing, and nurturing our babies as an invitation into transformation and joy. 

I have walked with over 100 women as they navigate the sacred space of birth, and I'm thrilled to offer to you what I've learned along the way.

This workshop is a great place to start your transformative journey. Let's do it.

God has used birth to change me and my life for the better.

Hi, I'm Brooke

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